• Cindy Crawford shows off her toned body in a bikini
  • The former supermodel still has it all

Cindy Crawford (56) still knows how to use her charms to turn her fans' heads. That's what she's doing now on Instagram, with a really hot bikini picture, that you can see in the video.

Cindy Crawford in a bikini

In the photo, Cindy Crawford has her hand on a table and is looking into the distance. Under a white open sweater, she wears a dark blue bikini decorated with silver rings. Her hair falls perfectly over her shoulders.

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Which model do you see in this picture?

In this photo, the over 50-year-old proves that she still has a great, toned body. Cindy Crawford really doesn't show her age at all.

"Apres swim", the model writes under her post, for which she gets a lot of heart and flame emojis in the comments. You go, Cindy!