• Too Hot to Handle is a hot reality show today
  • It started out on Netflix back in 2020
  • Here are 10 must-know facts about the series

Reality TV dating game show Too Hot To Handle premiered on Netflix in 2020. This is where the attractive candidates get to know each other - and maybe fall in love. The show even produced some famous couples, like Harry and Francesca.

In the end, a prize of 100,000 dollars is up for grabs. However, the candidates must refrain from kissing, sex or other intimate things for this money. With each violation of the rules, the prize money decreases.

Too Hot to Handle fans need to know THESE facts

The release of the long-awaited third season of Too Hot To Handle came in 2022, so here are ten facts about the show you probably didn't know. Fact 1: Producer Laura Gibson revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that she stole the concept from an episode of Seinfeld.

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Fact 2: The stunning villa where the candidates spend their time is located in Mexico. Up to 27 people can live here - and it's not cheap. A night costs $15,660! Normally, guests also have a staff, their own chef and private butlers at their disposal.

Fact 3: As in other reality TV formats, the candidates have to hand in their cell phones before filming. Too Hot To Handle star David remembers the time...

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