Too Hot To Handle's Harry and Francesca Split!

Looks like the Too Hot To Handle couple Francesca and Harry are no more. Fans watched their love spark then fizzle then grow in a blaze of glory throughout the season and happily saw the two gush about each other for months after the show was over. 

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Unfortunately, what seemed like the most perfect match could not make the long-distance relationship work. Gorgeous Francesca was the first one to speak up about their split on Tuesday, posting a short heart-wrenching YouTube video called "Our Breakup" explaining why fans haven't been seeing the couple on each other's social media anymore. 

Francesca tearfully said "Harry and I are not together anymore" and that sweet Harry was actually the one who broke up with her because "he couldn't do the long-distance anymore." Fans are shocked considering how obsessed Harry was with the model and how hard he worked to get her. 

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Francesca said she tried to make it work on a business trip to Los Angeles where Harry lives but that "it didn't happen." Francesca lives over a thousand miles away in Vancouver, Canada, and had made plans to move permanently to California to join him. "I genuinely thought we were going through a rocky period and that we were going to figure it out. I thought we were going to end up together. I thought we were going to get married," Francesca admitted.

The two had openly spoken about how they want to marry each other and Harry even jokingly proposed to her with a Ring Pop during the Too Hot To Handle virtual reunion.

Francesca came forward because she could not "pretend" that everything was okay. Harry has now posted on his Instagram saying he plans to go into a little detail on Instagram Live soon but that there are no harsh feelings between the two and most will be kept between just the two of them. He made sure to tell fans he is not trying to "turn their heartbreak into an event" or a way to "speak down on someone" and that he will touch on it tomorrow. 

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