• Anna Ermakova often shares revealing photos online
  • Her new Instagram picture shows her in a tiny bikini
  • She's the daughter of Boris Becker and Angela Ermakova

Anna Ermakova, 22, shows herself again and again in hot bikini looks on Instagram. Even now, the model is spreading a summery mood with a new post. And her fans are breaking a sweat.

Anna Ermakova fans blown away

In the photo, Anna Ermakova poses on a terrace in a pink bikini, which couldn't be any tighter. The amazing figure of the red-haired beauty in fully on display. Even the picturesque background can't keep up with the view of Anna.

Anna Ermakova shows herself in a super tight bikini

In her Instagram post, Anna Ermakova adds a second picture: a selfie of her bikini look. In the comments it becomes clear how much Anna is turning the heads of her followers.

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"Wow beautiful woman," writes one fan. "Any picture of you is a masterpiece of art," adds another. "Beautiful girl," comments an admirer.

The new photos are just the latest revealing look from Anna Ermakova, the daughter of tennis great Boris Becker and Angela Ermakova.