• Princess Estelle is the eldest child of Princess Victoria
  • She will take the Swedish throne after her mother
  • This is how Victoria wants to make a Queen out of Estelle

Princess Estelle, 10, is the eldest child of Crown Princess Victoria, 44, and Prince Daniel of Sweden, 48. Young Estelle will become Queen of Sweden one day, and even now she is preparing for the tasks she'll one day have as monarch.

Royal house expert Karin Lenmor took a close look at how this is done. First Estelle must get to know the history of her own family — that's why Princess Victoria showed her the crowns in the treasury of the castle. Then comes the history of Sweden.

Princess Estelle celebrates her 9th birthday

Princess Victoria raises Princess Estelle

According to the expert in Expressen, Princess Victoria does not overwhelm her daughter, but rather gives her time to digest the knowledge. Nevertheless, one can already notice that Estelle speaks impressively to adults and seems precocious in a nice way.

For example, Estelle, who is among the royals of the future, once said to a waiter in Stockholm to tell the chef how great her meal was.

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Sophisticated and bilingual: this is how Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel raise their daughter. Estelle demonstrated how well she's doing when Prince William and Duchess Kate visited for tea at Haga Palace some time ago. The young royal chatted there very easily with the high-profile visitors. 

Princess Victoria's daughter Estelle has been involved in many events since she was little, and she has gained a lot of experience. In this way, the crown princess plans to raise her daughter to be an empathetic modern queen.