• Katy Perry shares sexy video
  • She is wearing tiny shorts
  • Perry flaunts her legs

Who would have thought it? Katy Perry (39) occasionally grabs a cleaning rag and cleans her home. She recently shared a video of this, and it’s quite a spectacle. The singer wears a sizzling leather outfit while doing her house cleaning.

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Katy Perry cleans her trophies in mini shorts

However, the video clip shared on Instagram and TikTok doesn't show Katy Perry cleaning her bathroom or bedroom. Instead, the 39-year-old takes care of her music trophies while casually chewing gum.

Specifically, Katy polishes five of her six diamond awards, given in America for songs with 10 million record sales. These awards were earned by her singles "California Gurls," "Roar," "Firework," "Dark Horse," "Teenage Dream," and "E.T."

In the clip, Katy sports a washed-out leather jacket, XS shorts, and a neon-orange cap. As she shows off her toned legs, she also proves she's not afraid to get her silver-lacquered nails dirty.

The singer writes about the clip: "Just did some housecleaning this weekend hbu" The hot cleaning video goes down well in the comments section, with one or two followers pointing out that she should clean her finger-stained metal foot.

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