• Kendall Jenner posts new bikini pics
  • She is particularly stunning
  • Some fans don't like one detail at all

Kendall Jenner (27) is enjoying the sun's rays and working on her tan. On Instagram, she heats up her followers with hot bikini photos of herself.

Kendall Jenner in a sexy bikini: Not all fans like the hot photos

But when looking at the sexy pictures of Kendall Jenner, one thing catches the fans' eye: Kendall's backside. They are sure that the model had some work done.

"Money can do some miracles on a body..." says one user. "She definitely had her butt done. I don't care, but it's a shame the woman has to go so far to be happy," says another comment.

Other fans are celebrating Kendall Jenner for her killer figure and are hyping her up in the comments.

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