• Megan Fox shines in a new look
  • She now has pink hair
  • Fox looks super sexy in mesh dress

Megan Fox (37) has boldly redefined fashion norms, setting a daring standard with her "N*ked Look" that captivated both fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

During one of the numerous Grammys 2024 viewing parties, the actress showcased one of her most revealing outfits. The metallic mini net dress paired with pink hair created quite a sensation and sparked considerable excitement.

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The XS mini dress left little to the imagination, making it evident that the actress is unapologetically independent in her fashion choices. Captured by Jacob Webster, the ensemble was shared on Instagram with comments like "girl, interrupted," referencing the original title of the renowned drama thriller starring Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder.

Megan Fox in a mini net dress

The "dress," comprising a metallic mesh net adorned with a sparse scattering of sequins, highlighted Fox's penchant for bold and alluring styles. Beneath the dress, she flaunted minimalistic underwear paired with high-heeled shoes, showcasing her latest hair color: a delicate bubblegum pink styled in soft waves. This marked a departure from her previous luscious fiery red mane.

Not only did her hair undergo a transformation, but the numerous tattoos on her arms also appeared to be freshly adorned with a new look.

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Megan Fox made a striking appearance at the 5th Jam For Janie Grammy party on Sunday, draping a black XL coat over her XS mini dress.

In a November interview with 'WWD,' Megan Fox unveiled her fashion philosophy, expressing her love for experimenting with various styles, ranging from oversized looks to more revealing ensembles. Her outfit choices are a reflection of her mood and how she feels in the moment.