• Megan Fox shares hot photos
  • She poses in a revealing look
  • She looks SO good

Megan Fox (37) likes to provoke fans with her skimpy looks and always shows a lot of skin. Whether on the red carpet or on Instagram, fans of the actress regularly have to be prepared for incredibly hot outfits.

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Megan Fox heats things up in a skimpy look

A recent post by Megan also has it all. The 37-year-old poses for several photos in a luxurious hotel hallway. She may have skimped on fabric in her outfit, but she didn't skimp on extravagance.

Megan wears booty shorts, which are more reminiscent of underwear. She combines them with a crop top, which is barely held together by strings. The top reveals Megan's amazing cleavage.

The look is rounded off with over-the-knee cowboy boots. A black leather jacket is also part of the ensemble, but in the photos, it doesn't seem like it's keeping Megan warm.

The actress has styled her pink hair in a wet look and her make-up is her usual. Megan's new tattoos, which adorn almost her entire arm, really come into their own in this revealing outfit.

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