• Lorde shares new pictures
  • She looks relaxed in the bath
  • She poses naked

Lorde (27) has maintained a largely reclusive stance on social media, but her recent post breaks the silence. In a rare and candid moment, the New Zealand singer treats her followers to a glimpse of her completely natural self, relaxed and undressed in the bath.

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Lorde poses in the bath

Just days after Selena Gomez (31) shared a topless picture from Paris, Lorde joins the scene with a series of snapshots from her own bathing ritual.

With the caption "Full Immersion," she graces a green marble bathtub, adorned with headphones, wearing a contemplative expression. The scene is completed by the soft glow of candles and an array of bath salts and lotions, creating an ambiance of pure relaxation akin to a tranquil wellness retreat.

Lorde's recent personal revelations have sparked hopeful anticipation among her followers for new music. Comments such as "EVERYONES READY!!! love youuu" and "i will patiently wait for the next album as long as needed. glad to see u happy and thriving xoxo" reflect the eager support of her fans.

Interestingly, the only other photo on Lorde's profile, dating back to December 17, 2023, also features her wearing headphones. The caption, "Listening to myself," further fuels speculation about potential upcoming musical projects, leaving fans eagerly speculating about what the artist has in store next.

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