• Nicole Scherzinger has a great body
  • It gets hot during a sports session
  • Her breasts almost fall out of her top

In addition to her career as a celebrated pop star, Nicole Scherzinger (45) is also active on social media. She regularly shares with her fans hot snapshots and presents her great body. In a new video, she can be seen exercising with two friends. She is wearing a tight sports outfit with a lot of cleavage.

Nicole Scherzinger shows off her plump bust in a tight sports outfit

She shares the clip on her Instagram profile. Nicole really pushes herself to the limit on a small trampoline. But on closer inspection, it's not just her that's working up a sweat. She is wearing a blue two-piece consisting of tight leggings and a very sexy sports bra. The look has several highlights on her body.

The 45-year-old's curves are shown off to their best advantage and her well-trained endless legs are also impressive. What catches the eye, however, is her cleavage that is shown through the top. Her breasts almost fall out when she's bouncing. It's hard to imagine a hotter sports session - what an amazing look!

The beauty is clearly having fun and flirts with the camera during her workout. You can't tell she's exerting herself. "I be BOUNCING on this trampoline yall!! with my OWN ambitions— who needs a man in finance?" Nicole captions the video! 

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