• Rihanna is pregnant with her first child
  • She likes to stage her baby bump in a sexy way
  • On Instagram, she now shows herself in a see-through top

Rihanna (34) is becoming a mother for the first time and has declared her pregnancy to be a fashion show. Since then she has proudly staged her baby bump in super hot looks and thus proves that being pregnant can also be sexy.

The singer now shares new pictures of herself on Instagram: This time she poses in a see-through top.

Rihanna shows off her baby bump in a see-through top

Rihanna posts a whole series of pictures, where she seems so comfortable in her outfit. The expectant mother presents herself and her huge baby bump in different poses. What is really striking however, is her see-through mesh top!

A bandeau bra peeks out from under the sheer fabric and Rihanna completes the sexy look with a long sparkly black skirt, gloves and silver earrings. She wears her hair straight and long all the way past her bottom! The singer's make-up is quite glamorous to match the outfit.

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"me and my date for Oscar Gold Party," Rihanna captions the great pictures. We love that Rihanna is still going out and showing off her incredible self throughout her pregnancy! She must have taken many guests' breath away at the Oscar Gold Party!