• Anna Ermakova posts new Instagram photos
  • The model is on vacation in the country
  • Anna poses so sexy in front of the country house

We know Anna Ermakova (22) as a permanent vacation goer in beautiful places like Monaco and Greece. Now Boris Becker's (54) daughter is taking a completely different vacation... in the countryside.

SO Sexy! Anna Ermakova spends her vacation in the country

In a cottage in England Anna Ermakova, Angela Ermakova's (54) daughter, takes some time to relax. The model is just as sexy as on the beach in the countryside, which is apparent in her new Instagram photos.

In a bikini and shorts, Anna poses in front of a pretty country house and shows off her great figure. Her slender midsection is particularly striking. Casual sunglasses complete the summery look.

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Anna Ermakova, who looks particularly like her brother in these photos, also posts some snapshots that clearly prove: It doesn't always have to be a glamourous vacation.