• Anna Ermakova gives insights into her Easter Sunday
  • The model posts photos wearing two crop tops
  • Ermakova chooses not to wear a bra in pics

Anna Ermakova has wished her Instagram followers a happy Easter, and given them an insight into her Easter Sunday! In her Instagram story, she not only shared photos from the sunny location of her Easter celebrations, but also presented her spring outfits.

Ermakova wears cropped tank top with straight hair

Ermakova slipped into two crop tops on the warm day. One is white and apparently quite transparent, because the beautiful Becker daughter censored her breasts with two white hearts on the snapshots. Apparently she didn't wear a bra when she posed for these photos!

Ermakova combined the fitted white top with jeans and high heels. She also wore a second crop top that featured a colourful butterfly print! With a short black skirt and sneakers, the outfit didn't just show off her petite waist, but her amazing long legs. It's also noticeable that the model wears her hair straight here as opposed to wild and free in her usual curls.

Also interesting:

She caught many people by surprise when she appeared in the style at a recent event in Germany, looking just like a princess in an elegant pink dress. We may not see this 'do from Ermakova again for a while though, since another Instagram post saw her mention how she'll miss her straight hair!