• Suki Waterhouse poses in lingerie
  • She drapes herself in nothing but a coat
  • She looks very sexy

In mid-January, the 32-year-old Suki Waterhouse will launch her latest single, "OMG." To generate buzz, she shared hot photos on Instagram. These images seem to date back a bit, as Suki's baby bump remains absent from view.

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Suki Waterhouse seductive in lingerie

Within the images, the vocalist strikes poses adorned in a lacey brown lingerie set. She elegantly drapes a light-colored coat around her figure, revealing nonetheless her impeccably toned midriff.

The disheveled hair and alluring gaze of Robert Pattinson's (37) significant other contribute an additional layer of sexiness.

The post additionally includes snippets from Suki Waterhouse's music video for "OMG," where she confidently showcases her baby bump in a form-fitting red dress.

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