• Suki Waterhouse in a transparent outfit
  • Waterhouse looks hot in underwear
  • She shares sexy pictures

Just weeks after welcoming her baby, Suki Waterhouse (32) is back in action — at least on her Instagram. Robert Pattinson's girlfriend is looking effortlessly stunning once more.

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Sexy sight: Suki Waterhouse in sheer look

During her pregnancy, Suki Waterhouse was already flaunting daring looks, and now she's showcasing her post-baby body in a sheer outfit. In a series of photos promoting a new song, the third picture in particular leaves viewers speechless.

Suki Waterhouse exudes allure in a long, sheer black blouse, revealing her panties underneath. A collar insert adorned with ruffles modestly covers her essentials, while stockings accentuate her long legs. Posing on a staircase with a sultry bedroom aesthetic, the musician radiates confidence in the photo.

In the comments, fans express excitement over her new song release and shower Suki with compliments for her captivating look. It's clear why Suki Waterhouse is currently one of the most talked-about singers in the music industry.

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