• Nicole Scherzinger shares stunning new photos
  • The star puts her amazing body on display
  • Scherzinger shows off an incredible skill

Nicole Scherzinger is making fans' jaws drop with the most recent photos she shared! On Friday, Scherzinger took to Instagram with some hot new vacation pictures in honour of a special holiday, and the way she presents herself here is nothing short of amazing!

Scherzinger does the splits while on holiday

Scherzinger wears a super tiny bikini while in a pool, with the sexy look revealing her toned back and tanned skin. Wearing sunglasses and holding up a lemon drink in front of the gorgeous blue sky and water, she is clearly enjoying herself. What is especially eye-catching though is the position she poses in, doing the splits with her legs spread out wide in front of her on both sides!

"Happy Cinco De Mayo from Mexico," Scherzinger wrote alongside the pictures. "This view got me doin the splits". Fans couldn't help but acknowledge the star's incredible flexibility as well as her fit physique, gushing over her in the comments! "the back muscles holy," one fan wrote, while another told her they were "convinced you could do anything in splits."

Also interesting:

Scherzinger often posts sexy photos while at the beach, particularly ones that feature her showing off her amazing figure. Just last month, she shared a few hot images that saw her backside completely exposed to the camera. Whenever she's on holiday, there's no doubt that Scherzinger will wow fans with her beach body!