• Sydney Sweeney spills on body image battles 
  • Sweeney reveals she wanted a boob job
  • She's glad her mom stopped her

The stunning 'Euphoria' sensation, Sydney Sweeney (26), just dropped a truth bomb about her high school days that's got everyone talking! The actress, known for her fearless roles, revealed a side of her past that's both relatable and raw.

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Bosom buddies: Sweeney's self-love journey

In an eye-opening chat with 'Glamour UK,' Sweeney confessed to dreaming of a breast reduction as a teen, feeling overwhelmed by her "big boobs." "I used to feel uncomfortable," she admits, but it was her mom's sage advice that saved the day. "Don't do it. You'll regret it in college," her mother warned. Fast forward, and Sweeney's all about self-acceptance, calling her curves "my best friends."

It wasn't always glitz and glam for the 'White Lotus' star. She recalls "covering my body up at such a young age," but now she's a beacon of body positivity. "Flaunt what you got. Own it. Love them," she encourages fans, proving that confidence is the true key to beauty.

Wedding bells on pause?

While Sweeney's career is skyrocketing, with her upcoming romcom 'Anyone But You' on the horizon, her love life is under the microscope. Despite being engaged to businessman Jonathan Davino (38), rumors swirl about a possible on-set romance with co-star Glen Powell. But Sweeney's update is all about her work ethic: "I am so busy working!" she told 'Entertainment Tonight,' putting wedding plans on the back burner.

With Davino doubling as a co-producer on her latest flick, some speculate that Sweeney's flirty vibes with Powell are just for show. Sweeney praises her fiancé's support, saying, "It's amazing having someone who cheers you on." Yet, she can't shake off the gossip, admitting the rumors "was really hard on Glen," and emphasizing her desire for privacy.

Sydney Sweeney's tale is a rollercoaster of emotions, from battling body image issues to navigating the choppy waters of celebrity romance. But through it all, she stands as a shining example of empowerment and authenticity.