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We present you with the current top 10 most beautiful influencers of 2022 according to the website "ranker.com" (as of August 31, 2022).

Known as the Charli D'Amelio lookalike, she's now a big star on her own: American Ellie Zeiler (18) is number 10.

Charly Jordan (23) is 9th. She spends her time making music and looking great. Charly is a popular DJ and a model.

Up next is Amanda Cerny (31) in 8th place. The American, who was previously a Playmate, is not just a model but also a fitness star and is known for her funny clips.

7th place for the most beautiful influencers of 2022 goes to musician Loren Gray (20).

Abby Rao (25) is known for steamy content as she makes her way on number 6.

The American Kelsey Calemine (23) is currently ranked 5th on Ranker's list.

4th place goes to Negin Mirsalehi (33), the fashion influencer with probably the most beautiful mane.

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The top 3 most beautiful influencers

Drum roll please as we step into the top 3 of the most beautiful influencers:

Opening the top spots, at number 3, is Sommer Ray (25). The fitness influencer currently has an incredible 26 million followers. 

Addison Rae (21) comes close in second. She is a dancer, actress, and singer. Recently Addison Rae and Charli D'Amelio were under criticism for their film careers.

Who is so breathtakingly attractive that she takes first place among the most beautiful influencers of 2022? Find out in our video.