It may come as no surprise that certain supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner made the list for giving us some of the best looks of 2020, but who else rocked the red carpet? 

From musicians to models, this year rolled out some iconic fashion moments! Watch the video to find out who made the list, and who made waves in the 2020 fashion world!

The Best Fashion Looks of 2020!

The Best Fashion Looks of 2020!
The cast of Breaking Bad

The new millennium began with amazing shows!

The Best Series From The 2000s

"American Sniper"-Star Bradley Cooper


Charlie Sheen used to be married to which reality TV star?

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere as "Vivien" and "Edward" in 'Pretty Woman'.


What is the name of Julia Roberts' character in 'Pretty Woman'?