• Brooke Shields shows off new photos on Instagram
  • She poses topless wearing only jeans
  • She looks amazing at 56

It's simply unbelievable how much power this woman has! Brooke Shields (56) proves once again that she's got what it takes. More than 40 years after her iconic Calvin Klein commercial, the actress looks very sexy in a denim ad for a clothing company.

Brooke Shields goes topless wearing only jeans

Brooke Shields shares the incredible photos on Instagram and inspires her fans. She poses topless wearing nothing but a pair of blue jeans. Wow!

Brooke Shields: This was particularly important to her during the shoot

During the shoot, Brooke Shields made sure that the photos were hardly edited. She says in the campaign that sexuality is beautiful at any age and, at 56, wants to celebrate her body the way it is.

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Brooke is also one of the many actresses who started their careers as a model. Even as a child, she was seen on the covers of fashion magazines. She had her big break in 1980 at the age of 15 in the romance The Blue Lagoon.