• Doja Cat's shows off her black thong
  • While walking the streets of NYC
  • Ahead of the Met Gala

As she made her way to the Cartier store, the internet sensation was the epitome of confidence and style. Accessorizing her unique ensemble with sparkling jewelry, Doja Cat showed fans a sneak peek of what to expect at the Met Gala. The artist's flair for dramatic and unconventional outfits has been a topic of fascination and admiration among fans and fashion critics alike.

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Emily Ratajkowski turns heads in a stunning gold dress at the star-studded King's Trust Global Gala in NYC, alongside A-listers and a surprise performance by John Legend.

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Doja Cat turns heads with bed sheet and thong outfit

The 28-year-old singer left little to the imagination of onlookers as she arrived at a Cartier store, covering much of her frame with a white bedsheet. Later, she donned another daring outfit for the Monse Maison Pre-Met Cocktail Celebration.

The singer created a striking contrast by pairing her outfit with a black thong during her outing.

Photographed alongside fashion designer Guram Gvasalia, Doja Cat stood out with her bold choice of attire, highlighting her penchant for making statements through her wardrobe. This latest appearance comes on the heels of her headline-grabbing performance at Coachella, where she captivated the audience with six outfit changes, each more daring than the last.

From a fur bikini to body tassels made of hair extensions, Doja Cat's Coachella looks were a testament to her fearless approach to fashion. The singer kicked off her performance in an oversized hazmat suit before transitioning to a series of revealing outfits that showcased her creativity and unapologetic sense of style.

The queen of bold choices

Doja Cat, whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, continues to push the boundaries of fashion, proving that she's not afraid to experiment and express herself. With each public appearance and performance, the singer cements her status as a fashion icon for the modern age.

As fans eagerly await her red carpet look for the Met Gala, one thing is for sure: Doja Cat is set to dazzle and surprise, staying true to her reputation for the unexpected. Stay tuned for more updates on this fashion-forward artist as she continues to redefine the rules of celebrity style.

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