• Ashley Graham is one of the most successful models right now
  • The brunette beauty likes to be naked
  • We show her hottest Instagram pictures

Ashley Graham (35) is a successful curvy model and likes to show off her hot figure on her social media.

Ashley Graham revealed: her most naked pictures

Ashley Graham likes to post one revealing picture after another on Instagram. The model was spotted stark naked on the cover of 'Perfect' magazine. Ashley covered her nipples with her hands. Everything below was exposed!

Her eyes were made up in the form of cat eyes, her lips in the nude. Ashley wore her hair down. The series of pictures showed the 35-year-old in different angles and her body in close-up. The photos were not even edited! This is how the beautiful brunette champions body positivity.

Even during her pregnancy, Graham didn't want to do without bare skin. In this post, she showed herself again as natural as can be. "Oh oh, she's naked again," the model wrote in her caption.

The focus was on the round baby bump. Ashley covered her bust with one hand. She wore her hair in loose curls. The picture was very well received by her followers. "Motherhood is beautiful and this image reflects it," commented one.

The next nude picture, while less professional, was no less sexy than the others. Ashley Graham took a mirror selfie completely naked. Here, too, the curvy model covered her breasts, but left the view of her hips all the more clear.

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Which model do you see in this picture?

The beauty appeared to have just stepped out of the shower as her hair fell damply over her shoulders. Graham surprised fans with a tattoo on the right side of her private area that looked like the astrological symbol for Scorpio.

Ashley Graham has no problem openly celebrating "flaws", such as stretch marks. With her hot photos, she proves again and again that there is not only one size of beauty.