From a young age, Paris Jackson (23) became world-famous as the daughter of "King of Pop" Michael Jackson (†50). She is now a grown woman and has stayed in the public eye as a singer, actress, and model.

But Paris is not only causing a stir with her artistic talent and her famous name: the 23-year-old has now posed completely nude in a photo she posted to Instagram. 

Paris Jackson Posts Nude Photo To Instagram

Paris Jackson seems to feel at home even without clothes, as the daughter of MJ showed herself stark naked in a recent post. The picture shows Paris outside, kneeling in a meadow with her head and arms stretched high revealing all her stunning tattoos.

She captioned the photon, "bathing in love, purity, and sisterhood".

A scarf in her hair is the only piece of fabric that Paris wears on her body. Her most intimate parts are blurred out in the picture.

The beauty seems to be in the middle of a lunar ritual based on her caption. It seems she celebrates her spirituality with the full moon. Paris probably lives according to the motto: Who needs clothes when you have the moonlight?

In any case, Paris Jackson's fans and followers are appreciative of the raw images that she shares on social media. 

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