Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani just released an uplifting country love song! As Entertainment Tonight shares, Shelton and Stefani dropped their new single "Happy Anywhere" on Thursday night, and Shelton has opened up about it!

Shelton says "there's never been a better time" for song

Shelton put out a press release about "Happy Anywhere," explaining why they chose to put out their new song now. "Even though Gwen and I just had a single out we decided that, under the circumstances, this year… man, there’s never been a better time for 'Happy Anywhere,'" he said.

"We’ve all been in quarantine and lockdown, and hopefully we’ve been doing that with somebody that we really love and enjoy being around," he continued in the statement. "That’s what happened with Gwen and me this summer -- and this entire year."

Shelton says that Stefani's involvement is "ironic"

Shelton had a livestream on Thursday where he talked about the track! "I have the easiest job at this point in my life and it's a blast to be a country singer and do what I do," Shelton explained. He also commented on the irony of Stefani's involvement.

"It's hilarious that listening to the radio the last couple of years," Shelton said, "that Gwen Stefani is going to be singing the 'countriest' song to come out of Nashville... It's ironic. It's funny."

Shelton and Stefani's music video shot at Oklahoma ranch

Shelton's ranch ended up being where the couple filmed their video! As Entertainment Tonight mentions, during Shelton's livestream, Warner Music Nashville's Shane Tarleton said that the video was shot by Stefani's brother, Todd.

Filmed in 105-degree heat at the ranch in Oklahoma, it also features some old footage from Stefani's phone. Stefani said that the music video tells "the totality" of her relationship with Shelton!

This isn't the first musical collaboration for Shelton and Stefani either! The pair released a music video for their song "Nobody But You" in 2019. Later that year, Shelton even made a surprise appearance at Stefani's Vegas show to join her for the duet! 

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