Britney Spears' latest album Glory has an extra special deluxe feature! A juicy collaboration with The Backstreet Boys!

Britney Spears and The Backstreet Boys Collab

In an incredibly pleasant surprise, Britney Spears released a deluxe version of her album Glory that includes a brand new song with The Backstreet Boys! 

Britney tweeted out "'Matches' featuring my friends @backstreetboys is out now!!!! I'm so excited to hear what you think about our song together!!!! You can also listen to Glory Deluxe everywhere now!" 

The exciting song is an upbeat electro-pop track! You can hear the BSB's A.J. McLean start the song with "I taste you in the air. Your energy everywhere. Oh, it's borderline unfair. You know, I can see 'em prayin' it, screamin' my name, oh." Hunky Nick carter follows A.J. with his own sensual lyrics. 

The Backstreet Boys during the fifth day of the Vi-a del Mar 2019 in Chile.

The chorus is so catchy with a robotic Britney singing, "Like playing with matches, matches, matches
This might leave some damage, damage, damage."

Fans have been begging for collaboration for years and finally, it is here and it does not disappoint! Listen to the new song here!

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