Unless you're living under a rock, Kitten has become a gang impossible to ignore thanks to articles on Rolling Stone, MTV, and Nylon, to mention a few, or sharing the stage with her good friend Charlie XCX, Paramore and the legendary The Smashing Pumpkins.

As if this were not enough, Kitten has now prepared a new album, where other greats such as James Iha and Mike Shinoda collaborated. We think it's safe to say that we all watched the Netflix documentary, I'm With The Band, in which Chloe Chaidez, Kitten's leader, appeared.

Kitten unleashes all her power on her new album My Energy

Kitten has definitely evolved quite a bit since the days of their first self-titled album, although in My Energy they maintain their totally alternative style with a naturalness that is contagious from the first song, appropriately named "My House". Throughout the new material, we hear them experiment with new sounds and genres that make Chloe's tremendous voice explode.


2020 happened, but that didn't stop Kitten from being able to finish this album even remotely, but it also had a lot of influence on how they approached the project.

Kitten - committed to the LGBTQ community

Kitten also did not stop their great commitment and unity with the LGBTQ community since, in fact, they spent the entire Pride month interpreting covers of great LGBTQ artists every day, demonstrating the important contribution and legacy of this community within world music.

My Energy is THE perfect record to listen to on any road trip. Also to enjoy it in the current situation that is lived worldwide, because playing it at full volume in your home will make you lose yourself in its notes and lyrics that talk about things that, sometimes, you want to let out and do not. The lyrics of Kitten's new album also make us imagine where the band lives, causing a feeling of warmth. 

Tracks to consider from My Energy by Kitten

  • "Angelina"
  • "Daddy Don't Take My Phone Away"
  • "Do You Still Love Me"
  • "The End of Sunshine"

It seems that Kitten's purpose is to have fun and mature musically with a much more solid sound.

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