• Shania Twain's new album Queen of Me is out now
  • She overcame COVID-19 and a surgery before the album
  • Twain chatted about the experiences with Promipool

Shania Twain has released her new album Queen of Me, and it's already inspiring music fans everywhere.

But it borders on a miracle that Shania was able to release a new album at all. In recent years, the singer has struggled with Lyme disease and a severe case of COVID-19.

Shania Twain is "thriving" after recent health issues 

Nevertheless, she always remained positive, as she explained in an interview with our German partner Promipool.

"If you can overcome the lows, especially with COVID it can be very fatal," she said. "I'm happy because I'm sitting here and I'm thriving.

"So my happiness is more like gratitude. It's more about the fact that I made it through, and that there was a therapy available to me."

Shania Twain at an event

Twain even received plasma therapy during the illness. She wrote one of her new songs about the experience, "Inhale/Exhale AIR."

Air is what she missed most during that time, not only to breathe but also "the bubbles in champagne, blowing up balloons" and other everyday moments.

"I had a voice again": Shania Twain talks vocal chord surgery

But it was not the first time Shania Twain had such an experience. She suffered from Lyme disease for a long time, and underwent an operation on her vocal cords a few years ago due to the nerve damage.

"I was awake for the surgery, and I started speaking a few weeks later, to discover that I had a voice again," she recalled.

Also interesting:

"Then I had some projection, which is what I was missing, and I didn't have any control over my voice. So now I can scream really loud if I need to."

In the meantime, her voice sounds different due to the strain, but she is "celebrating" the new sound.

For Shania, music is essential. That is why she wants to continue with it for a long time, as she revealed: "I'm never gonna retire! Music is my joy. So I will always make music in some way, some form"...

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