He's still burning down the house today!

Tom Jones' Impressive Career Highlights

Tom Jones' Impressive Career Highlights

Welsh singer Tom Jones has been entertaining audiences for over half a century. With hit songs including the catchy single "Burning Down the House", here are some of the highlights of the incredible singer's career! 

Tom Jones was born June 7, 1940, in South Wales. Growing up listening to music including Little Richard, Elvis Presley, and Brook Benton, the singer developed a passion for soul music. 

As a young boy, Tom's earliest performances would come at family gatherings, weddings, and in his school choir. With a very distinctive baritone voice, 1963 landed Tom the spot of front-man in Welsh beat group the Senators. 

Tom Jones in 1972

Tom Jones Early Career

It wouldn't take long for Tom Jones to land a recording contract with Decca labels, and while his first single "Chills and Fever" didn't hit the charts, his follow-up single "It's Not Unusual" would become an international hit! 

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In addition to his budding singing career, Tom Jones was also becoming well-known for TV appearances on shows like 1970's Raquel! and headlined his own series, This is Tom Jones. This is Tom Jones even earned Tom a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor!

Tom Jones attends the BRIT Awards 2020

Tom Jones Today

Despite a brief career decline, Tom Jones continued to release songs throughout the 1970s and 80s, including hit songs "She's a Lady", Say You'll Stay Until Tomorrow", and "A Boy From Nowhere". By the 1990s he had made his comeback, receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and appearing on popular TV sitcoms The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Simpsons

With hits like "Sex Bomb" and "Stoned in Love", Tom Jones has continued to be successful in the new millennium, and you can still catch him making appearances on television and performing live at events like the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert and coaching contestants on hit show The Voice. Now 81-years-old, Tom recently lost his wife of 59 years, Linda, with whom he has one son.