• The Titanic film featured many real-life characters
  • Kathy Bates played "Molly Brown" in the movie
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As the RMS Titanic neared completion, the press was abuzz with excitement. The ship was the largest afloat at the time and was sold to the public as "unsinkable". That latter characteristic was especially exaggerated in that even the chief architect, Thomas Andrews, knew that no ship was immune to fatal damage.

The Titanic was indeed a very safe ship because it was designed to stay afloat longer than other ships should it start to sink, allowing time for rescue. A series of fateful events and the arrogance of the era however led to the deadliest peacetime superliner sinking in history as the "unsinkable" Titanic went down on her first voyage.

Titanic: Who Was the Real "Molly Brown"?

'Titanic': Who Was the Real "Molly Brown"?

One of the passengers on that doomed crossing of the Atlantic was a woman that has gone on to inherit the very title that the ship lost. Her name was Margaret "Molly" Brown, and she became known as "The Unsinkable Molly Brown." Kathy Bates was cast in the role for the Titanic film.

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