• Princess Charlotte is present more often in public events
  • Duchess Kate is her greatest role model
  • Charlotte learns these things from her mother

Little Princess Charlotte is being introduced more and more into the public life of a royal. Charlotte is learning how to behave in public as a royal and she gets all her information from the best: Duchess Kate. Here is a list of things she has learned from her.

1. Early practice

Charlotte learned how to wave like a royal when she was a toddler, and today she has perfected it. With a sweet smile, she greets her fans like a professional.

2. Important gestures in royalty

Charlotte also masters curtsying, handshaking and bowing. Her big brother and future King of Great Britain, Prince George (9), could learn a thing or two from her.

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3. Kate's mini me?

Charlotte even throws her hair back or plays with it, just like the Duchess. It seems as if the young royal has almost studied her mother and her gestures thoroughly.

4. Matching Looks

 Charlotte also likes to appear in matching outfits with her mother. Clearly, she will eventually be as much a fashionista as Kate. The little royal loves to be as fashionable as can be, she even wore a special pin to The Queen's funeral.