• Charles seems taller than Diana in some photos 
  • Both were the same height
  • Several have commented on the subject

The couple married in 1981 and ended up separating in 1992 after Charles had an adultery with the now Queen Camilla. There are some photographs of the couple where the then Prince Charles is shown taller than Princess Diana.

The possible reason why he appeared taller

Both Prince Charles and Princess Diana were the same height at the time, around 178cm, meaning that Charles could not really have been taller than her.

Prince Charles Prince Charles and the Princess of Wales (1961 - 1997, later Diana, Princess of Wales) at Caernarvon Castle during an official tour of Wales, 27th October 1981. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Some have speculated whether the times they did this was to appear that he was taller than Diana. According to Mirror, Dr. Lisa Wade suggested that this is a "social compromise."

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