• Princess Charlene had all sorts of issues lately
  • Prince Albert now spoke openly about his wife
  • Albert says this is Charlene's current condition

For months, Princess Charlene was away from the Principality of Monaco because of health problems. Only recently she showed herself together with her family again at events.

Now the next shock: The Princess has been infected with the coronavirus. Charlene's husband Prince Albert now speaks frankly with Journal du Dimanche about her state of health and their lengthy time spent apart.

Prince Albert speaks openly about Princess Charlene's health 

It had been a difficult time for everyone, but especially, of course, for Princess Charlene herself. "[It was] a test for my wife especially, who suffered greatly and lived through difficult times, far from her family," Prince Albert said.

In the meantime, the Princess is back in Monaco with her loved ones, but Charlene is not yet completely healthy, as she reveals to Monaco Matin. "My state of health is still fragile. The road has been long, difficult and so painful," Princess Charlene said.

Also interesting:

Prince Albert knows that Charlene must continue to take it easy. But he supports her and is just happy to have his wife back with him and the children again. "Today, Charlene is back with us, and this is the most beautiful thing which could have happened. [...] She's better, we can finally spend time together. It is a relief and a joy for all of us."

However, the royal couple struggled with more than just Charlene's health during her absence. Because Charlene was not in Monaco for months, divorce rumours quickly made the rounds. It felt like "a test for our children and for me," says Albert.

"We were obviously hurt by the malicious rumors that were peddled," he added. "But we were able to stay united despite the distance. We spoke to each other often."

Recently, the couple showed up together more often at public events and Charlene seemed to be in a good mood. The Royal family has been through a lot, but things finally seem to be looking up again.

Princess Charlene, Prince Albert and the twins stick together and that is the most important thing. Now let's hope that Charlene recovers quickly from her case of COVID-19.

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