• Prince Harry wants to travel to London again
  • He wants to support his family
  • This is what an insider revealed

At a time marked by family challenges and public scandals, Prince Harry (39) has signaled his intention to stand by the royal family in their hours of need.

Recent events, including the diagnosis of King Charles' (75) cancer and a data protection crisis involving Princess Kate (42), have thrown the family into turmoil.

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Prince Harry wants to support his family

An insider told 'The Mirror' that Harry was willing to travel across the Atlantic and offer his help. "Prince Harry is keen to come over and offer his help to the family. The Princess of Wale's health woes and now the hospital 'leak 'crisis is a concern for the whole family - including Harry."

The situation is particularly sensitive as the London Clinic, a hospital with a previously impeccable reputation for discreet treatment of members of the royal family and celebrities, has launched an investigation. It has been alleged that at least one employee tried to access Princess Kate's medical records.

The allegations of unauthorized access have far-reaching consequences and raise questions about the security and privacy of patient information. The London Clinic immediately contacted Kensington Palace to ensure a full investigation into the allegations.

Prince Harry's offer of support comes at a critical time. "It is a very sensitive matter, but Harry wants his family to know he is ready to step in and be of support. It's a tough time for them all with King Charles' cancer diagnosis but Harry is keen, now, more than ever to start moving forward and to rebuild damaged relationships," added the source.

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