• Prince Carl Philip was born heir to the Swedish throne
  • He lost that position to his older sister after a law was changed
  • King Carl Gustaf and his son now commented on the topic

In a recently published interview, Sweden's King Carl Gustaf caused a scandal with his statements about the succession to the throne. Now his son is also speaking out.

Prince Carl Philip was initially born heir to the throne, as males received preference in Sweden at the time of his birth.

However, a new law changed this rule a few months after he was born. From then on, the first-born child – regardless of gender – could become king or queen.

Does the King of Sweden want his son to be the heir?

As a result, Carl Philip was deprived of his right to the throne. His older sister Victoria overtook him in the line of succession and became Crown Princess.

However, the King does not like this at all. In the SVT documentary Sveriges sista kungar (in English: Sweden's Last Kings), he explained that he considers the circumstances to be "terrible" and feels that they are unjust.

And what does the affected person himself say about it? The Swedish newspaper Expressen has inquired, but the ex-heir to the throne Carl Philip keeps a low profile.

Prince Carl Philip reacts to his father's remarks 

"I support my father in his statement as well as my older sister," says Carl Philip. If he actually has strong opinions about the circumstances, the father of three does not let it show through.

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After massive criticism from the people and royal experts, who believe that Carl Gustaf is harming the Crown Princess with his statements, the monarch backtracked.

In a statement, he made it clear that he was not against female succession, and praised his daughter. His statements were exclusively changing laws retroactively – which he did not approve of...

See more in the video above.