• Prince Harry wrote a new book and gave many interviews
  • Some royal fans are quite unhappy with Harry's revelations
  • Here's a look at the backlash he is facing after Spare

Prince Harry is losing more and more sympathizers and fans. Where he was once one of the most popular royals, Harry now receives mostly hate comments under various posts on social media.

Tough times for Prince Harry around social media

It seems Prince Harry has shot himself in the foot with his memoir. For example, on an Instagram post from People magazine about his autobiography Spare, the comments read: "Shut up, Harry" and "You sold your soul, Harry."

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But also around the world, the royal's reputation has taken a hit. At our German partner Promipool, there are comments like: "The problems started when he married Meghan" and "Now he is just harming himself."

A poll by "YouGov" also showed the trend: Harry is more unpopular than ever...

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