• Just a few days from Charles' coronation
  • Disturbing news from Buckingham Palace
  • Controlled detonation was necessary

As 'Daily Mail' reports, a man was arrested outside Buckingham Palace in London on Tuesday night, just days before the Coronation of King Charles III (74), which is scheduled to take place on May 6th. What happened?

Buckingham Palace: arrest and controlled detonation

Around 7 pm local time, the incident allegedly took place while rehearsals for the upcoming ceremony were taking place at the palace. A man approached the premises and allegedly threw shotgun shells at the site, as further reported by the tabloid magazine.

Also interesting:

Police suspect psychological motives behind the man's actions. For security reasons, the man's bag was detonated on-site in a controlled manner.

As the palace announced after the shocking news, King Charles and his wife Camilla, as well as no one else from the Royal Family, were staying at Buckingham Palace at the time. 

People are already gathering outside the gates of the palace ahead of the weekend celebrations. They hope for a good spot for the upcoming coronation, as 'Bunte' reports.