When Princess Ingrid Alexandra (17) visited the military base in Rena on November 20, it wasn't just a simple flying visit. After a tour of the training grounds, the princess was able to truly just let herself go.

The royal family shared a parachute jump on the site's official Instagram account in which Princess Ingrid Alexandra took part in.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra bravely jumps from a diving platform

In a simulated parachute jump, the 17-year-old Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway jumped bravely from the diving platform in full gear.

She didn't seem afraid at all - it was quite on the contrary! Ingrid Alexandra was beaming on the ropes after the secured fall, as it looked like she enjoyed the moment and let herself dangle for a little bit at first.

Ingrid Alexandra is now almost an adult. The princess impresses again and again during her public appearances, where she seems like a very confident young woman. The princess is behind her father Prince Haakon in second place in the line of succession, which means that she will ascend the throne of Norway in the future.