• Life in a royal palace is fascinating
  • Butlers play a crucial role day-to-day
  • What is life really like for a royal butler?

Butlers have many important roles in a palace

To understand the importance of the butlers, it is necessary to know the hierarchy of the staff in the royal palaces. 

At the top is the King and Queen, followed by the Princes and Princesses, and then the butlers, who are in charge of coordinating all the service in the palace. Below them are the valets, pages, servants, cooks and other members of the service.

The butlers are responsible for coordinating all the service in the palace, from cleaning to food preparation and event planning.

They are also in charge of palace security to a certain degree and the protection of royalty.

Their day-to-day work may include coordinating and supervising service staff, organizing and overseeing events and meetings at the palace, managing the budget and making purchases for the palace, attending to guests, and being available at all times.

The job comes with big perks

Although their work can be stressful and exhausting, butlers in royal palaces also enjoy certain luxuries. They live inside the palace and can enjoy its facilities, including access to art pieces, food, drink, rooms, tours, unique experiences and even meet important figures.

Being a butler also involves keeping an eye on what goes on in the palace, which includes royal secrets. They are said to have access to confidential information and are responsible for maintaining certain aspects of royal privacy. 

Also Interesting: 

Butlers must have a great ability to adapt to different situations and a variety of cultures. While each palace has its own traditions and rules, butlers must be able to work with people from different countries and backgrounds.

Finally, butlers may also be responsible for maintaining certain traditions in the palace. For example, in some palaces, it is the responsibility of the senior butler to ring the bell to announce dinner, and in other palaces, butlers are responsible for maintaining a herb garden for the kitchen.