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The 'Charlie's Angels' star has been married three times!

Kate Jackson: These Are Her Husbands

Today Prince William (37) and Duchess Catherine (37) are one of the most popular royal couples in the world. However, it was not an easy or smooth road to get to the power couple status they now hold today. When the pair met at university, they were only friends at first.

Prince William fell in love with Kate at a fashion show

The documentary, William at 30 released in 2012 reveals that Prince William first saw Kate as just a good friend. However, it was a fashion show that revealed the Prince's true feelings towards the beautiful Kate Middleton.

Prince William and Duchess Catherine visit a local business in their former home of Anglesey, Wales.

Duchess Catherine, back then still Kate Middleton, strutted down the runway in lingerie at the charity fashion show "Don't Walk" in 2002. Prince William happened to be in the audience for the event and he was obviously quite taken by Kate's look and that's when everything changed.

They are a royal dream couple

This is said to have been the beginning of their fairy-tale-like love story. During their time at the University of St. Andrews, the pair came together, but kept their relationship secret at first. After the end of their studies however, the rest of the world finally caught wind of Williams' relationship. This was a new challenging situation for the couple to navigate, and they even separated briefly in 2007. However, the pair quickly got together again and over the years Prince William and Duchess Catherine have truly developed into a royal dream couple.