• Harry "awkward" at recent events
  • A body language expert shares her assessment
  • Harry seems insecure and ignored

With the loss of his royal status, is Prince Harry (38) now a "normal guy"? According to body language expert, Judi James, he has become a normal mortal by giving up his title. 

Judi James on Harry: "virtually ignored"

She tells the 'Express' he looked "awkward" at a polo match in Singapore. Usually it's a sport that he excels at and gives him self-confidence.

However, Judi James says the former Royal was "virtually ignored" after his friend Nacho Figueras' (46) match. She said she watched Harry have a brief moment to himself after the game before joining his team and the winners.  

"Harry probably doesn't have body language for moments like this - when he's left alone, not catered to, and virtually ignored by the other attendees at the event," says the expert. 

When he was a royal, he was the center of attention at such events, James told the 'Express'. With the loss of his status, this is no longer the case.  

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"He looked awkward and seemed to dither, all on his own, without the admiring gaze of his wife to bathe in," says the body language analyst.  

Harry had tried to do a "little nonverbal joke to attract attention". He pretended to collapse under the weight of the winner's trophy, James said.

"Even there, he only seemed to attract the attention of some players, while others ignored him," says Judi James.