• Queen Elizabeth II was buried
  • Prince Harry and Prince William suffered visibly
  • Here's what a body language expert says about Harry's emotions

On September 19, Queen Elizabeth II was buried at St George's Chapel in Windsor. People all over the world and especially the royal family mourned their leader. Prince Harry (38) also found the day of the funeral visibly difficult, some pictures of him really get under your skin.

Prince Harry at the funeral: "Sorrow and Regret"

Body language expert Judi James now tells The Sun how Prince Harry's body language is to be interpreted. She noticed that Harry kept making eye contact with his big brother Prince William (40) during the service in Westminster Abbey: "During the service he dabbed tears and tended to look around a lot, and there were at least two occasions when his gaze, which was more of a stare, seemed to be directed at William."

According to her assessment, his facial expression indicates sadness and possible regret. After the service, the brothers prepared to march behind the coffin again.

Prince William and Prince Harry at the Queen's funeral procession

Prince Harry and Prince Harry: their relationship

Then Harry showed his "most emotional representation", according to Judi James. “As he stood in line, he watched the brother he had once been so close to; the nephew he loved to play with and the sister-in-law whom he thought of as his own sister walking in front of him without a glance in his direction," said the body language expert and continued.

Also Interesting:

"His face seemed to contort into a more intense sign of sadness and his lips tightened again."

Since he and his wife Meghan resigned as working royals and emigrated to the United States, the relationship between the brothers seems to be very difficult. Does he regret his decision?

A palace insider also revealed to Radar Online that the Queen invited Harry to her home on Balmoral, but he declined the invitation. Harry could also be regretting that now because it would probably have been the last time he would have been able to see his grandmother.