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November 22, 2022:

Duchess Meghan (41) and Prince Harry (38) surprised Elton John (75) and his fans with a video at a concert on his farewell tour. In it, the royals not only congratulated the singer on the farewell tour but also had a very special message.

Prince Harry's words of thanks to Elton John

As well as sharing that he and his wife are also attending a show, Prince Harry had a very special thank you to Elton John: "And thank you for entertaining everybody for so many decades. Thank you for being the friend that you were for my mum, thank you for being our friend. Thank you for being a friend to our kids and thank you for entertaining people right around the world."

Elton John is not only a longtime friend of the couple, but he also performed at their 2018 royal wedding. No wonder Harry and Meghan agreed to the video, making Elton John and his fans at the concert in California very happy.

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November 21, 2022

The real reason Meghan's Netflix director quit

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry will soon be on Netflix – they will show their private lives like never before in a documentary. The project had some initial difficulties - the desired director even canceled the project. Now the real reason has come out...

Duchess Meghan: This is the reason for the director's cancellation

As Page Six reports, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry had already been planning the project with director Garrett Bradley. However, things took a turn and he ended up pulling out of the project. According to the newspaper, the reason for this was discrepancies in the tone of the documentary.

In addition, Garrett is said to have wanted to film the two royals in their home – which was a no go for Harry and Meghan. After a few unpleasant situations, the collaboration ended.

The replacement for the director's chair wasn't too disappointing. Liz Garbus, who now oversees the project, is an acclaimed documentary filmmaker and was also nominated for an Oscar. We are looking forward to seeing the documentary on Netflix soon.