• Princess Leonor doesn't have it easy at the boarding school
  • Her classmates don't seem to like her
  • Are her parents the problem?

Princess Leonor (17) has been attending a boarding school in Wales since September 2021, the Atlantic Welsh Institute, where she is currently continuing her studies. 

Princess Leonor: Trouble with her parents?

According to the latest reports, Princess Leonor has had problems making friends at the boarding school. Some media outlets suggest the diligent student is struggling to adjust to her new life at boarding school and is being criticized by her classmates.

Both the princess and the Spanish royal family have been slammed for their influence on the school, as admissions are usually anonymous. The school had announced that it would take the princess in, leading some media outlets to question the institute's favouritism. 

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Even before that, King Felipe VI (55) was criticized for having Princess Leonor enrolled in a foreign institute. The 17-year-old will graduate from the Welsh Institute this summer, after which she will join the military and attend the Army Military Academy in Zaragoza.

According to 'Tatler', Princess Leonor will be there for three years before she begins her university studies.