The Duchess of Cornwall (71) has had her fair share of bad press over the years, but this year marked the twentieth anniversary of Charles (70) and Camilla's official "debut" as a couple, which caused a worldwide media sensation. The carefully choreographed "coming out", which was also known as "Operation Ritz", signalled that Charles and Camilla were finally officially in a relationship. Around two hundred photographers were positioned outside the Ritz to capture the event.

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla got married in 2005 and it seems as if, over the last few years, the British public have finally decided to accept the Duchess of Cornwall. She has started to appear at Charles' his side more regularly and the Clarence House Instagram account frequently posts pictures of them together, as well as posting on the charitable work that Charles and Camilla carry out individually.

Camilla will become Queen one day by law

While some Princess Diana fans may still view her as a homewrecker, Prince William (36) and Prince Harry (34) both approve of their step-mother, in fact they even love her. Prince Harry revealed in 2005 that he was delighted to see his father so happy with Camilla, adding, "William and I love her to bits". 

What may shock some members of the British public however, is the fact that seventy-one-year-old Camilla will become Queen one day by law. Alastair Bruce, a friend of the Royal Family, revealed to the Express that, "we all know in Common Law that at the moment Camilla is Princess of Wales… she is, she’s just not called that". He continued, “so if she is married to the King when he becomes King, she will be Queen. They may decide to call her something different but she will be Queen".