• The Queen's coffin is to be taken to Westminster Hall
  • King Charles III leads the funeral procession
  • William and Harry stand by his side

After the Queen's coffin († 96) arrived at Buckingham Palace is due to be taken to Westminster Hall in a funeral procession on Wednesday 14 September.

The funeral procession is led by King Charles III (73). He is escorted by his two sons William (40) and Harry (37). Harry's wife Meghan (41) is also staying in the UK until the funeral to support her husband. A few hours before the procession, there are the first pictures: They show Charles going down the stairs of Buckingham Palace. Right behind him you can see Meghan and Harry.

William and Harry: First pictures show father and son on the ground

You can see the agony on the faces of the father-son duo in particular. Harry peers toward the door, his father Charles bows his head to the floor. Duchess Meghan, who walks close to her husband, looks into the distance. It was certainly not easy for the royal family members to accompany the Queen's coffin to her final destination, Westminster Hall.

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The state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will then take place on September 19th.