• New pictures of Prince Edward cause concern
  • Is the royal sick?
  • Palace responds with a statement

A few days ago, Prince Edward (59) and his wife Sophie (58) appeared in Edinburgh. The youngest son of the late Queen shocked fans: He looked emaciated and pale in the pictures.

After concern for Prince Edward: Palace gives the all-clear

Since then, people from all over the world have been insisting on an explanation."Gosh, I hope he's okay. He doesn't look very healthy"or"Great appointment, but the Duke looks very ill?", can be read under a post from the palace on Instagram.

Fortunately, the palace has now given the all-clear. A statement to Bunte reads: "It's all right. Prince Edward is fine.” The royal has no health problems, it continues.

Also interesting:

Why Prince Edward lost so much weight is not known. Perhaps the stress of the last few months and the grief for his mother have reduced the appetite of the new Duke of Edinburgh.