• Prince Edward bursts into tears at Queen Elizabeth II's funeral
  • He is overcome by his grief
  • The situation is so emotional for him

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II (†96) is a sad occasion - especially for members of the royal family.

Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II: Youngest son Prince Edward melts away in mourning

For Prince Edward (58), the death of his mother is difficult to bear. At the service honoring the late Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen's youngest son is unable to hold back tears.

Prince Edward is overcome with emotion during the funeral ceremony. He grabs a white handkerchief and wipes the tears on his cheeks.

Mourning for the Queen: Prince Edward cries for his mother

His wife Duchess Sophie (57), who also has to wipe the tears from her eyes, sits next to Prince Edward. Presumably, the two remember the happy moments with Queen Elizabeth II.

While Prince Edward is trying to get his emotions under control again, his wife Sophie touches his leg with a loving gesture.

Prince Andrew (62) also noticed how much grief overwhelmed his younger brother and gave him a loving look.

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