• King Charles will be crowned soon
  • Prince Harry will also be there
  • Harry has THIS royal there to support him

But Harry is not alone, because THIS royal stands by him...

King Charles' coronation on May 6th is fast approaching. After the many scandals, the royal family will meet again after a long time! Prince Harry in particular is the focus. Will he be able to reconnect with his brother and father?

Eugenie and Harry are two peas in a pod

The prince already has his moral support for the day: his cousin Eugenie. The two have a very good relationship and she does a lot to ensure that it stays that way. Not only is she one of the few royals who has kept in touch with Harry despite the recent scandals, she also makes a lot of effort with the woman by his side.

Also interesting:

She and her husband have already visited Harry and Meghan in California. The two were seen hugging and laughing. According to body language expert Judi James, Eugenie also gave Harry's ex-girlfriends plenty of warmth and love, as she revealed to 'Express'...

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