• Prince Harry will attend the coronation
  • There might be some tension between family
  • An insider has insight on the big day

Prince Harry's (38) presence at the coronation of King Charles (74) has long been speculated. It is now clear that he will travel from the U.S. to Great Britain for the big event, but without his wife Meghan (41).

Prince Harry: He could sit away from his family at the coronation

However, there will probably not be a loving family reunion. As former royal butler Paul Burrell revealed to 'The Sun', there could even be a major setback for Harry.

During the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, the Prince is allegedly going to be seated "ten rows behind" the rest of his family members. That could end up being a good fit for Harry, though, as Burrell tells 'GB News'.

Also interesting:

"He doesn't want to spend much time with the other family members [...] I think he'll get an icy reception from the Windsors," said the ex-butler. After the coronation Harry wanted wanted to make a quick exit anyway and will likely leave within 24 hours of his arrival.

"Harry is coming to put his foot in the door and he's coming because his father wants him there," Burrell says. Nevertheless, he is certain that there will be no reconciliation between the royals for the time being.